We The People
  Ohio Valley

We The People Ohio Valley
Obama's culture of intimidation must be confronted

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We The People

Ohio Valley

The sacred  fire of liberty  is in the people’s hands.

You stand up by showing up.

Breaking News....

     There are settlement camps in Ohio that are welcome centers for Syrian and other groups entering the USA. We either stand up or we get run over by a wave of immigration that may contain Islamic trained killers.

     Please see the list of Resettlement Camps and who runs them below. People in these camps will be shipped to other cities in the state for permanent resettlement. They are all eligible for all welfare and housing programs.

   Please call Governor Kasich and tell him to refuse any Syrian "Refugees" from being relocated in Ohio - (614) 466-3555

 If you really want to help please call everyday until Governor Kasich announces his intentions in Ohio.

OH-USCRI-01: International Institute Of Akron, Inc.
Address: 207 East Tallmadge Avenue
Akron, OH 44310
Phone: 330-376-5106 Fax: 330-376-0133

OH-WR-02: World Relief Akron
Address: 801 Grant Street
Akron, OH 44221
Phone: 214-471-7478 Fax:

OH-USCCB-01: Catholic Charities
Address: 7162 Reading Rd., Suite 600
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: 513-672-3706 Fax: 513-241-4333

OH-USCCB-03: Migration And Refugee Services
Address: 7800 Detroit Avenue, St Augustine Tower
Cleveland, OH 44102-2814
Phone: 216-939-3731 Fax: 216-939-3890

OH-USCRI-02: The International Services Center
Address: 815 Superior Ave. E
Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-781-4560 Fax: 216-781-4565

OH-HIAS-01: Us Together - Cleveland Office
Address: 2940 Lee BoulevardSuite 200
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216-456-9630 Fax: 216-450-5098

OH-CWS-02: Community Refugee And Immigration Services
Address: 1925 E Dublin-Granville Rd, Suite 102
Columbus, OH 43229
Phone: 614-235-5747 Fax: 614-235-6127

 "We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

- Thomas Jefferson

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Black History is interesting and should be shared.

Interesting facts about Black History in America

      Political pundits like to tell people the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a product of the President Lyndon B. Johnson Administration and was made law by the Democrat Party. Did you know the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a mirror image of the Republicans 1875 Civil Rights Act

     Did you ever hear about the Civil Rights Act of 1957 that President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent to Congress and that it was based on the 1875 Civil Rights Act?

     Are you aware of the 1866 Civil Rights Act that was intended to protect all persons in the United States in their civil rights as a means of extending civil rights to African Americans? Then Democrat President Andrew Johnson vetoed the bill but his veto was overturned by the Republican led House and Senate. 

     Did America start slavery? Did America end Slavery? Did you know The United States held 4.5% of all slaves during the peak of slavery in the United States? The other 95.5% of slaves were held in other countries including slave trade creators in Africa and the Middle East. Who were the Mandingo?

     There are many untold stories of successful black leaders who were elected to office during reconstruction. Civil Rights laws were passed by one party and then repealed by the other. There is also a dark history of the slave trade that occurred over thousands of years.


The Truth About Slavery.

Please watch this video below and you will understand the evil of slavery.

"Which Party is the Party of Civil Rights" is a question the main stream media does not like to report on but you can get a perspective from the National Review from an article title "The Party of Civil Rights." The historic record tells the story.

The Tea Party Awakening

The birth of the Tea Party Movement has been described as miraculous, and its impact on the 2010 general election produced spectacular changes in the political landscape.

As a result of the success of this grass roots movement some people have mischaracterized all aspects of the “Tea Party” while others have attempted to cash in and co-opt the “Tea Party” name and brand. While imitation is the sincerest from of flattery Tea Party groups are reaching out to explain the difference between authentic grass roots groups and others who may try to capitalize on, or misrepresent, the tea party brand.

Some politicians and political operators posing as journalist have painted the Tea Party movement as radical extremists, racists and violent people. The fact is there has never been one violent incident at any of the thousands of Tea Party gatherings by any tea partier. Never mind there are African American tea partiers and not one speck of evidence has ever been provided to suggest the Tea Party has anything to do with racism. And, by what measure is it a radical extreme idea to “peaceably assemble” and “petition the Government for a redress of grievances”?

There is no leader, or umbrella group, leading the intensely independent groups that make up the tea party movement, however, some special interest groups may make this claim. The vast majority of legitimate Tea Party groups are made up of like-minded people from all walks of life and political persuasion including Democrats, Republicans, Independents and other, or no, party affiliation. They are united in support for the United States Constitution, Free Markets, Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and holding elected officials accountable to the people.

Nationally, the Tea Party movement is made up of thousands of independent and sovereign grass roots organizations. While some commentators have referred to these autonomous groups as “The Tea Party”, they fail to recognize the Tea Party movement is not a political party—it is a movement. Individual Tea Party groups are proud of their considerable success and are actively reaching out to the community at large to clear up some of the misconceptions that may exist.

Tea Parties have maintained a safe distance from political or issue fund raising operatives and PACS that may want to co-opt the tea party brand and energy. Co-opting is defined as an attempt to re-direct tea party energy or imply an endorsement while attempting to raise money or garner support for an issue, cause or politician. As an example, if an issue driven group or politician received some form of support from a “Tea Party” group and then stated it had “the tea party support,” this would be considered co-opting by implying a broad tea party endorsement.

There are clear distinctions between co-opting entities and true tea partiers. One of the most obvious is the fact that Tea Party groups are not a business and are not profit motivated. Another big distinction is the fact that Tea Party groups do not work on behalf of private industry issues or lobbyists and avoid divisive and emotional political fodder as may be found in many “social issues”. Tea Party groups are friends and neighbors who accomplish their objectives with hard work, and are made up of concerned citizens who share a deep abiding love of this great, exceptional nation.

People from all walks of life, regardless of race or national origin, have joined Tea Party groups in the spirit of defending the rights and responsibilities of good citizenship. Most rally around their love of Country and stand together on the core principles inherited from our Founders. 

Protecting this great land and the constitution upon which it was founded is the driving force that bonds legitimate tea partiers together nationwide.

A rapidly growing number of Tea Party groups have determined they will not allow, political activist masquerading as journalist, lobbyists or supposed Tea Parties bought out by lobbyists or politicians to advance an agenda or speak on behalf of the authentic Tea Parties.

The Tea Party movement is inspired by our founding national documents and we believe our cause is just. We will not relent nor waiver, but will stand together in the name of freedom and our love of liberty. We stand united in our love of this great nation we call America.

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