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Obama's culture of intimidation must be confronted

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Open Letter to Congressmen

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Border Crossing Crisis

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on July 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Border Crossing Crisis


The surge of young illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border is being called a crisis by the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Health and Human Services is engaged in a massive effort to house and care for tens of thousands of minors who have survived a “death train” ride and extensive abuse on their dangerous trip to the USA.


American citizens are rightfully concerned about serious diseases being delivered into neighborhoods where their own kids play and go to school. Some are questioning the wisdom of diverting the already limited resources being used to care for American children to support uninvited foreigners who broke our immigration laws. It is time to put an end to this unfolding disaster with some tough love.


This onslaught is being brought to America from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador by paid Coyotes who deliver minors into the hands of American Border Agents. It is being reported that Coyotes are charging $6,000 to $9,000 per person to “accompany” these kids to America. The Coyotes are actually advertising their child transportation services to unsuspecting families with the promise of free education and other benefits in America.


Drug cartels are exploiting our compassion and poor families in South America reaping big profits as well as creating cover for massive drug shipments into the United States. The cartels are also trafficking people with a nefarious agenda around our distracted Border Agents. Muslim praying blankets, Quran’s and other items from the Middle East and China are being found on our soil near the border creating serious national security questions.


We are witnessing what may be the most heartless exploitation of children in our hemisphere and unfortunately some well-meaning politicians and clergy are aiding and abetting this abuse. We should act now, with true kindness, by exposing the cartels while caring for the kids as we reunite them with their families in South America. When the kids are returned to their country the criminals will not be able to exploit any more families which will end this evil enterprise.


We The People Ohio Valley stand with dozens of other organizations in urging Governor Kasich to put the health and safety of Ohio residents first. Governor Kasich should show some tough love, not allow Ohio to become a dumping ground and tell President Obama send the kids back home and thereby stop the “death train” in its tracks. The presidents of Honduras and Guatemala have both publicly said, “Please, send our children back”, and their wishes should be honored now.


We The People-Ohio Valley is an organization made up of like minded people from all walks of life and political persuasion including Democrat, Republican and Independent who are dedicated to educating the public about current and historic issues. For more information visit: www.wethepeopleov.com.



Common Core Forum at OUE

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on April 23, 2014 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Common Core Forum at OUE

     As you may be aware, there is an ongoing conversation about the value, cost and effectiveness of the Common Core Standards Initiative. Many questions remain about the Standards from how they were developed to what impact they will have on school administrators, teachers, parents and most of all the students.

     One of the most asked questions about the origin of the Standards is how forty-five governors and their appointed education chiefs agreed to accept and implement this initiative sight unseen. Further, the introduction of federal funds into the process, as seed money, raising fear of federal interference in local education decisions also comes into question.

     Proponents claim this is a state led initiative and “the standards were created to ensure that all students graduate from high school with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and live, regardless of where they live.”

     Those opposing Common Core claim, “This is a top down one-size-fits-all scheme with race-to-the-top money being used to entice cash-strapped states into accepting an untested, unfunded, fundamental transformation of our local schools.”

     Alaska, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia never accepted Common Core and additionally Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Utah have decided not to commit to the tests. Indiana recently rejected Common Core and replaced it with new state academic standards. Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin are now considering withdrawing from Common Core.

     Several other states have pending legislation to slow or stop the implementation of the Standards. Ohio State Representative Andy Thompson, District 96, has introduced a HB 237 that would halt the implementation of Common Core and prohibit the sharing of private student data with any entity that may provide such information to others who seek to profit from the data.

     We The People Ohio Valley will hold a pubic educational forum at Ohio University Eastern campus on Thursday, May 8th from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Administrators, teachers, parents and others are cordially invited. The forum will include the film, “Building the Machine”*, a powerful and gripping documentary of Common Core from experts, followed by comments by State Representative Andy Thompson on his legislation and a question and answer period.


     Superintendents, school board members, teachers, parents, and elected officials are encouraged to attend this important community forum.


     * "Building the Machine" introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its effects on our children's education. The documentary compiles interviews from leading educational experts, including members of the Common Core Validation Committee. Parents, officials, and the American public should be involved in this national decision regardless of their political persuasion.


     We The People-Ohio Valley is an organization made up of like minded people from all walks of life and political persuasion including Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are dedicated to educating the public about current and historic issues.



Electric Coal and Politics

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on March 30, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Electric Coal and Politics

     “When I was asked earlier about the issue of coal…under my plan, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” said then candidate for President, Barack Obama. The President spoke those during an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board documenting his energy policy and thus his “War on Coal” was declared.

     Sadly, many people are in denial about President Obama’s “War on Coal” and how it reduces jobs and raises prices on everything we buy. Maybe coal should be called electric coal so people could better understand the connection between coal and their electricity bill. Coal fired power plants and the livelihoods of thousands of people are under attack from Obama and the likes of Democrats Senate Speaker Harry Reid and House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

     Some Ohio politicians recently gathered locally for a political rally and pointed the finger of blame at Ohio Governor John Kasich for Ormet’s rising electricity bills. They want Kasich to order the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO), to reduce Ormet’s electric prices and pass the costs on to people who pay their electric bill.

     Astonishingly, Nancy Pelosi, a key player in crushing coal production and thereby killing thousands of jobs is attempting to influence our Congressional election. The same Nancy Pelosi who shoved numerous EPA regulations through the House specifically contributing to rising energy prices actually had supporters at the Rally? Does anyone really believe that Nancy Pelosi has the best interest of the Ohio Valley on her mind?

     The people who were pointing the finger of blame at Columbus on one hand are supporting the full force of Obama’s “war on coal” with the other hand. They even want to bolster Nancy Pelosi’s chances of returning as Speaker of the House. It is well documented that Pelosi has ear marked the Ohio 6th District as a Congressional seat she intends to win for herself in 2014. Were the Ormet workers being used for political props?


     Obamas’ EPA is now enforcing more than 174 thousand pages of job killing regulations. Regulations that guarantee Ormet’s future energy costs will skyrocket as promised. For what it’s worth, Governor Kasich can not legally order the reduction of Ormet’s electric bill and then saddle middle class working people with higher bills to pay for it.

     We can all appreciate the anxiety Ormet employees feel with the prospect of losing a livelihood that has been good to them for years. And, Ormet is not the only company with employees at risk because of the war on electric coal. Murray Energy employs thousands of people locally who depend on a regular pay check earned by producing coal right here in the Valley.

     Bob Murray founder of Murray Energy has been shoving back the EPA and Obama’s war on coal for years. Mr. Murray is an honorable man who has spent a life time producing coal and providing tens of thousands of jobs in the process. Murray Energy recently applied for the normal storm water run off permit and the Ohio EPA had no problem with the request but Obamas’ EPA refused to approve the permit. Shouldn’t someone be pointing the finger of blame at Obama and Pelosi for job losses?

     Unfortunately President Obama and his side kicks Reid and Pelosi are beholden to radical environmentalists and other liberal elites and not middle class workers who have to use energy to make a living. Ormet workers would be wise to understand the importance of electric coal to their daily lives and how their home warming is far more important than so-called global warming or deceptive politicians.



Posted by WTPOV Core Team on February 20, 2014 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)




     February is Black History Month and for a clear understanding of our nation’s history we must acknowledge that blacks as well as whites have played a pivotal role in ensuring our freedom and liberty in America over the last 300 years.

     That being said, every time the issue of race relations comes up in this country it is followed-up with the word, slavery. Yes, slavery was a painful struggle for many of our citizens in our nation's early history, but it was not unique to America. Slavery is, in fact, a problem that still exists today in some places around the globe.

     It is likely many of our ancestors, at some point in time, were used by others against their will and some surrendered their freedom willingly to become Indentured Servants. Regardless, our ancestors, in their distinct American way, all had a part in building and sustaining these United States. Today human abuse lives-on in many ways as exampled by drug trafficking, prostitution, and children being abducted into slavery. Unfortunately, this evil practice of human trafficking has been one of mankind’s greatest sins since the beginning of Creation.

     The long struggle to end slavery gave rise to some remarkable people who spoke out in an attempt to end slavery and racism. One of those people who stood large around the year 1800 was a brave, compassionate man named William Wilberforce, after failing for 26 years, he finally convinced the House of Parliament in England to ban the slave trade in England. Sixty-five years later the slaves in America were emancipated at the end of our Civil War, that war cost more than 800,000 lives. After the war, many blacks and whites who stood for freedom and liberty were persecuted and some were hung. One hundred and three years after the Civil War, one such person, Martin Luther King, Jr., was murdered because he stood up for freedom and human dignity.

     The challenge today is for us to educate ourselves with facts rather than follow racist agitators, race baiters or politicians who pretend to stand for civil rights, when they really stand for their own influence and greed. We can continue on the current path or we can improve the future for all of our children and their children. We can be a better educated society by learning about recorded history and bringing down the walls that divide us! Education is the key and some excellent resources can be found in the following books: AMERICAN HISTORY IN BLACK AND WHITE by David Barton and CAPITOL MEN by Philip Dray. In these books you will learn the facts about key issues and accomplished people such as: William Wilberforce, Frederick Douglass, John Rock, President Abe Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, Jr., among others.

     For additional references, check out the site: baic.house.gov/, which will provide you with informational biographies on early Black Americans in Congress. So whatever your racial identity, please take the time to learn how we have worked together in an incredible effort to form a more perfect Union.


Lovers of Liberty,

We The People OV (Ohio Valley)




Benghazi Letter To Speaker Boehner

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on January 29, 2014 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)


(Open letter on Benghazi)


Many prominent people are calling for a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi on behalf of the families of Ambassador Christopher Stephens, U.S. Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, Security Officers Glen Doherty and Ty Woods. These families and the American people deserve to be told the truth about the events surrounding the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012.

One hundred seventy-nine Congressional Representatives co-sponsored House Res. 36 offered by Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) which would create a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attack. Twenty four Senators introduced Senate Res. 225 calling for a Congressional Joint Select Committee. Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) sent a letter to House Speaker, John Boehner on November 6, 2013 containing his “most critical outstanding questions” about Benghazi and these questions remain open. Additionally, on January 6, 2014 seventy seven distinguished signatories including MG Paul E Vallely, Chairman of Stand Up America US sent a letter to Speaker Boehner outlining why a Select Committee on Benghazi must be appointed.

We The People-Ohio Valley endorse and support the letter from Stand Up America US and demand answers to the many questions about the Benghazi attack. Five standing committees have inquired about various aspects of the Benghazi attack and their combined incoherent results have intentionally or unintentionally muddied the waters of what should be a serious investigation with professional investigators. The people deserve better than the disjointed ambiguous excuse for results that have failed the families of the fallen. There is well documented evidence indicating the American people have been lied to about the fatal attack in Benghazi, Libya. Why is this evidence being swept under the rug?

A clear majority of the American people have had enough foot dragging and lax oversight concerning the actions of this lawless Administration. Mr. Boehner has offered only tepid opposition to unchecked misconduct including a botched Fast and Furious inquiry, unanswered NSA snooping concerns, illegal seizure of thousands of AP reporter records, failing to investigate proven IRS abuse-of-power, shameful inaction on Benghazi and more. Certainly more than one Select Committee is warranted considering this Administration’s unprecedented abuse of power and obstruction tactics. Who exactly is being served by this mediocre approach to governance Mr. Speaker?

The Speaker of the House is the only person who has the power to appoint a Congressional Select Committee with professional investigators. It is time for the Speaker to admit that his Standing Committee efforts have failed and appoint a Select Committee to finally get started on a serious investigation. Is the Speaker aware of his constitutional oversight responsibilities? We remind Speaker Boehner that historical evidence has repeatedly confirmed when insufficient opposition exists, there is tyranny. The American people and the families of the fallen deserve the truth Mr. Speaker.

We The People, Sir, have had enough!

We The People-Ohio Valley is an organization made up of like minded people from all walks of life and political persuasion including Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are dedicated to educating the public about current and historic issues. For more information visit www.wethepeopleov.com.



Facts are stubborn things

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on November 2, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

For the Record:

The main stream media says Republicans are doing poorly in the polls for trying to delay Obamacare and negotiate for less debt. Some people blame the Tea Party as extreme for speaking up about Obamacare and the spending problem.


Congressional Republicans entered the fight knowing they would get thrashed by the media while Obama and Senate Leader Reid beat them to a pulp. The Tea Party warned of obvious problems with Obamacare and huge debts.


"Facts are stubborn things," said John Adams in 1770. The fact is; the Obamacare exchange website is a disaster and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So far $1.5 million people have lost their health care insurance.


Who did Obama threatened while not negotiating on Obamacare and debt? He threatened Social Security Retirees, Military Families, Military Death Benefits, National Parks, Disability, Federal Retirees and more. Obama’s disgraceful tantrum dictated that he deny the Greatest Generation access to their memorial.

Who didn't Obama threaten? He didn’t threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens or take Internet access away from violent inmates. He didn’t fire unnecessary federal employees or cut back on his family’s vacations - so far $20 million.


He didn’t cut his gulf budget, farm subsidies or green funding. He didn’t threaten to reduce benefits to welfare recipients, stop taxpayer paid cell phone use or cut any of the duplicitous food stamp programs. Nor did he reduce foreign aid, contributions to the UN or reduce anything that involved his voter base. Basically, if he couldn’t hurt his perceived enemies he didn't want to cut anything. How is it extreme to warn of the obvious Obamacare disaster and the verifiable $17 Trillion debt?



Posted by WTPOV Core Team on May 14, 2013 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)




We The People Ohio Valley demand Congressional investigation


A top Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official admitted to the deliberate targeting of conservative tea party and patriot groups by Federal officials in the run-up to the 2012 election. This stunning admission confirms the suspicions and complaints made by numerous tea partiers and other conservative groups during the 2012 election season. These groups, in fact, were hassled and intimidated by (IRS) personnel.


We The People Ohio Valley (WTPOV) is requesting that our local Congressman Bill Johnson, Ohio District-6 and Congressman David McKinley, West Virginia District-1 seek a full and transparent Congressional investigation into the blatant and indefensible harassment of American citizens based on their perceived political perspective. Most tea partiers firmly believe it would be inappropriate for the Administration to investigate this matter.


Lois Lerner, Chief IRS Official over tax exempt organizations, apologized for the intentional government harassment and laid the blame on low level personnel in Cincinnati. Contradicting Lerner’s statement the Associated Press has obtained a report that indicates Senior Internal Revenue Service officials knew tea parties were being targeted as early as 2011. It is questionable to blame low level personnel in Cincinnati when at least 75 Tea Party and Patriot groups in several States including Ohio, Virginia and Texas were targeted. The very reason tea partiers and patriot groups exist is to preserve constitutionally limited governance for all Americans regardless of political affiliation as well as to safeguard against Government bullying, historically known as tyranny.


(WTPOV) spokesperson Bob Connors said, “It is ironic that this (IRS) admission comes on the heels of President Obama’s recent Ohio State speech where he referred to tea partiers saying, “They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.” The (IRS) infringement on basic rights as well as ongoing coercion associated with the healthcare take over, the (EPA) war on coal and the imposition of excessive regulatory rules dramatically exposes big Government tyranny in progress,


It was wrong and illegal for the (IRS) to deliberately target Americans because of their political view and this matter should be fully investigated. All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, would be wise to heed the voices of historic record like that of President Thomas Jefferson who said, “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”



Medicaid Expansion Ominous

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on March 21, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Perhaps it is time for Ohioans to question the wisdom of implementing President Obama’s Medicaid expansion plans for the existing system which is inefficient and flawed. According to the Heritage Foundation, with the expansion “Ohio would see increased spending in the first five years by $407 million and an increase on the budget by around $1 billion total by 2022 in the first scenario. Under a flat 90 percent match rate, costs increase from $407 million to nearly $1.3 billion in the first five years. Under the blended rate (an average of a state’s current Medicaid match), costs increase to $2.5 billion in the first five years.”

Exacerbating the problem, Obama’s 2013 budget already includes reducing the Federal government share of the Medicaid expansion Governor Kasich is promoting. The Obama Administration is shifting future debt to the States essentially hiding the unsustainable cost of Obamacare. Medicaid now consumes 27% of Ohio’s budget and that number is growing faster than any other section of State spending. Why would Ohio Representatives saddle tax payers with this unrestrained debt by expanding the current inefficient system?

Numerous studies have demonstrated that Medicaid patients receive inferior access to healthcare and have less successful outcomes than privately insured patients. Governor Kasich should drop the idea of accepting money borrowed from China to expand an inefficient system and leaving Ohioans stuck with the bill.

There are better alternatives to the Obama Medicaid expansion for Ohio. For example, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush advanced the patient centered Florida Medicaid Reform Pilot program in 2005 and this ongoing program is now producing better access, improved patient outcomes and more satisfied patients at reduced cost.

In a promising report published by the Heritage Foundation, Terren Bragdon, President and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability in Naples Florida says a “tectonic shift” has taken place with the Florida Medicaid Reform Pilot program that produced better health outcomes, high patient satisfaction and all at significantly lower cost than the existing Medicaid system.

The Ohio Legislators should look at the evidence and tell Governor Kasich there are healthier options for the people. According to the Heritage Foundation the Florida Medicaid Pilot program “maintained health outcomes at or above the national average” and “achieved patient satisfaction levels above the national average of other state Medicaid programs or even HMO’s and restrained costs, flattening the cost curve.”

The Heritage Foundation has documented a significant fiscal impact from this Pilot program “saving Florida Medicaid up to $161 million annually” and if implemented statewide it could “reduce Medicaid spending $1.9 billion annually.” The savings nationwide could reach $91 billion a year.

Medicaid provides an irrefutable example of government’s continued failure to keep up with private sector healthcare. Poor access and second-rate health outcomes are characteristic of Medicaid and it is unclear why Ohio should expand this poorly performing model and push more unsuspecting people into it. If patient access, better care and outcomes at less cost are the goals, State lawmakers should turn down the expansion and fix the current system.

Florida Lawmakers rejected Governor Rick Scott’s proposed Medicaid expansion and are seeking federal government wavers that will allow statewide Medicaid reform to take place without the expansion. On November 8, 2011 Ohioans rejected Obamacare with a majority vote in all 88 Counties and Governor Kasich has a clear mandate not to implement the expansion. Kasich should heed the peoples vote and the unpromising facts associated with Obama’s ominous Medicaid expansion.


Medicaid Expansion: What Would Jesus Do, and Are the Churches Doing It?

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on March 18, 2013 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Medicaid Expansion: What Would Jesus Do, and Are the Churches Doing It? (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

Why is it that churches, including most major churches in my home state of Ohio, have decided that Medicaid expansion is good public policy? Currently, Ohio has approximately 11.5 million residents of which 2 million are on Medicaid. Most churches have very tight budgets and barely have enough cash…



Did Former leader sway pro-life group?

Posted by WTPOV Core Team on March 17, 2013 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The endorsement of the Kasich/Obama Medicaid expansion by Michael Gonidakis, former executive director of Ohio Right To Life, raises some questions (op-ed column, Feb. 27). Gonidakis supposedly left Ohio Right to Life this past December, well before this endorsement.


Gov. John Kasich appointed Gonidakis to a board that regulates doctors in October, before Gonidakis left Right to Life, and he evidently was confirmed on Feb. 28. Could it be that Gonidakis lobbied the Ohio Right to Life board to support Medicaid expansion after he was appointed by the governor to the medical panel?


Gonidakis is trying to sell the Medicaid-expansion section of Obamacare at Republican gatherings.


According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, Ohio Republicans oppose the expansion by 65 percent to 24 percent. For Ohio Right to Life to support the expansion of a key element of Obamacare is inconsistent with the Right to Life mission of stopping abortions.


It is well-established that Obamacare is threatening every American’s freedom of religion over the abortion issue.


So serious is this departure from the Right to Life mission statement that one has to question what the board members were thinking and what were they told.




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